Snake bite: see what to do to neutralize snake poison

Snake has a poisonous substance called venom. It is a fluid that secreted from a modified salivary glands of a venomous snake .It contain toxic protein and enzymes which help to speed it chemical

reaction.When snake venom is injected into the body , it weaking the muscle, destroy the body tissue , cells and can lead to death of the patient if the poisonous is not well treated.

Many lives has been lost because of lack of knowledge and proper guidance . If a person has snake bite without waste of time get a piece of cloth and tied the site of the injury above the bite to avoid the poison from going further.



Locate one tuber of cassava , peel off the coat , eat little and swallow the juice from the cassava and apply the cassava you ate to the position of the snake bite . if there is no cassava at immediate time , look for palm kernel and chew ,swollen the juice the poison would neutralize


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