My mum went for Omugwo and returned with two months pregnancy – Confused lady shares

A lady has revealed that her family is in chaos and it is due to the discovery that her mother is two months pregnant for someone else.

She revealed that her mother went to her elder sister’s place for Omugwo, but she returned two weeks ago with a unexplainable pregnancy.

The lady said she suspects her in-law as she learnt that her mum hardly went out during the six months she was staying at her sister’s place.

Read her story below:

”So my mum who went to my elder sister’s Omugwo just returned 2 weeks ago and now we just discovered that she’s 2 months pregnant.

The worst is that she has refused to reveal who is responsible for the pregnancy because she has been away for almost six months now and my dad has not touched her for long.

Today is exactly two weeks she came back from my sister’s house where she went for omugwo and we just noticed she’s pregnant because she has been vomiting and feeling weak since she came back.

When my father noticed that she’s pregnant he asked her, who was responsible but she refused to say it but keep denying that she is not pregnant.

Now my kinsmen have gathered to ask her but she is insisting that she’s not pregnant that it is ordinary fever.

As it stands now, I’m suspecting our in-law because when I called my elder sister to ask her if my mum used to go out to meet people she said no though I have not informed her about the pregnancy.

Like this now our house is on fire oooo!

P. S”


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