3 Things That Can Weaken Or Slack A Woman’s Private Part Regardless Of Her Age

Just like every other part of your body, a woman’s private part undergoes changes as she grows older.

The vulva might thin out and lose elasticity, for example, muscle tone can become reduced, and fluctuating hormone levels can alter levels of your natural lubrication.


But certain habits can cause some of these changes to set in sooner. And while there’s nothing wrong with that on the face of it, some will likely make a change in your intimate life.

Addressing any changes, however, can make lovemaking feel better, lower discomfort caused by irritation, and help prevent urine leaks due to decreased muscle tone.

Here are 3 things that threaten to age and weaken a woman’s private part prematurely, and what you can do about them.

They are:



1. Skipping exercise: Staying inactive all day, throughout the week has a negative effect on your lady part. A decrease in muscle tone anywhere in your body is a sign of aging.

When it happens to your vagina, one outcome can be urinary incontinence; leaking a little urine when you sneeze or laugh.

Any regular activity which are: walking, weights, yoga, will work the muscles all over your body, including down below.

Exercise also improves overall circulation, and healthy blood flow to your private part can make you more responsive in bed and have an easier time getting aroused.

2. Using certain wipes on your private part: You would have seen some shops and pharmacies selling feminine hygiene products such as wipes, anti-itch creams and deodorant sprays for your private part.

But the fact is, your private part doesn’t need them. Using these can even cause harm potentially thinning and drying out your lining the way menopause does naturally.

That can set you up to be more susceptible to irritation and even infection.

So unless your doctor recommends a specific product, skip them and practice a few simple moves when it comes to taking care of your lady part.

That includes using only mild soap and water to cleanse your vulva, getting tested for STDs regularly if you are not monogamous, and using condoms so new partners don’t bring bacteria and viruses into your private part.



3. Delivering a baby: Nature designed your private part so a tiny human could pass through it. That’s pretty amazing, but to allow this to happen safely, your private part has to stretch several times over.

The result: You might lose muscle tone. Again, this can lead to urinary incontinence, but it can also make lovemaking feel different.

The private part (birth) canal may feel a bit wider and looser and your grip may not be as tight.

Kegel exercises is the only strategy to clench the muscles that control the flow of urine.

Plank exercises can also help too.


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