Reason For A Foamy Urine And Health Problems Associated With It



Urine is the liquid waste that we pass out through our private organ, and if we are not able to pass out urine, it can be fatal to our health. A normal healthy urine is usually pale yellow and amber in colour. What you may not know is that your diet, drug prescription, or even a disease can change the colour of your urine, or make it foamy. There quiet a few reasons why your urine can be foamy, some of which you can be harmful to your health. Your urine can look foamy because your bladder is full, and the speed at which you release the urine is causing it to foam. But there are some health problems associated with a foamy urine, which would you to visit a doctor.



Health Problems Associated With Foamy Urine

a) Swelling: when you start noticing that your urine gets unnecessarily foamy, you can check out for swelling on your hands, feet, abdomen, face, etc. All these can be as a result of a damaged kidney, and you are advised to see a doctor immediately you notice this.

b) Fatigue: after noticing that you have a foamy urine, and soon after you start getting tired easily, this could be a sign of a health problem.

c) Loss Of Appetite: another medical reason that could be associated with a foamy urine is loss of Appetite.

d) Dehydration: when there is lack of water in your body, it can lead to Dehydration, and dehydration can cause your urine to become foamy. If you have not been taking enough water and you notice your urine is foamy, you should start taking water more often.

e) Infertility: a foamy urine might be an indication of male infertility, or having a problem with getting a woman pregnant, which can be very devastating to any one looking for a child.

f) Poor Performance During Intimacy: another common health condition associated with foamy urine is releasingĀ little sperm during intimacy or perform poorly during intimacy.

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