List of 3 successful businesses To Start In Nigeria With 100 Thousand.

By this time, we are all tired of being jobless. Everyone has now directed his/her thought on how to get something doing to earn income.

But have we ever tried and give ourselves time to think of starting a new venture? Or do we have to wait for the government or private sector to get us employed?

These are the few questions we should all ask ourselves.

In today’s article, I will take you to 3 businesses you can start with the capital of a hundred thousand Naira. These businesses can help you maintain your life and raise more money from what you save.

1. Money agent.



People are making a pretty income by helping others perform their daily banking transactions. All you have to do is to get a POS machine from a bank or other online banking platforms (which may attract a caution fee of at least #20,000) to get started. With a hundred thousand, you are off to a good start for this venture.

2. Eatery joints.



Eatery joint involves making and selling of lights foods and other delicious such as roasted chicken, noodles, roasted fish, chips and fried eggs etc.

However, eatery joint has some contradictions with restaurants in terms of capital budget and the kinds of things served for clients/ customers. People are patronizing eatery joints immensely because it gives them the joy to do so. The most attractive aspect of joints is that they cost less money (less than 100k is enough) for a start-up.

Tips for starting eatery joint;

1. Search for a public location.

2. Place banners or sign bills that will attract target customers.

3. Start with a minimum capital to avoid loss from damage and spoilage. This will also enable you to monitor the business very well at It early stage.

Start selling at affordable prices.

3. Poultry.



Rearing chicken for commercial objectives has now become a lucrative business one can embark upon. The beautiful side of this venture is that 100 thousand naira can be sufficient for beginners.

Now that the government banned the importation of frozen chicken, it is the right time for Nigerians to seize this opportunity and start a poultry business. Particularly broiler chickens.

Tips for poultry business:

1. Start with 1 cartoon (50 pieces of day-old chickens).

2. You need to prepare an empty room in your house or build a cage capable of containing as many birds as possible.

3. At least, you need to keep extra bags of poultry feed for security purposes.

4 . Provide lights for night feeding.

5. Make sure you provide the room with a warmer to keep warm at cold times.

6. Rear for 4-5 weeks and sell.

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