Here Is An Easy Way Of Separating Stone From Beans Without Wasting Much Time

The conventional method of having to pick stones manually from your beans so as to cook and eat your food without the fear of having your teeth crackle on stones can be quite stressful and exhausting. This article shall introduce you to a simpler method that will take less quantity of time compared to the initial method.



Beans are hard legumes that are best cooked twice, that is the parboiling and the last cooking. This procedure can be done on either on the times and here is what it entails.

This process is all about a separation technique that is known as decantation. This seperation technique is used to separate heavy particles from relatively lighter ones and stones will always be heavier than seeds of beans.

Here is the technique

You can do it while washing before parboiling as well as while washing after parboiling.

Pour in a large quantity of water and allow to settle for a few minutes. The effect of the force of gravity will have the heavy stones dragged to the bottom of your washing basin or pot.

Then gradually collect the beans layer by layer till you get to the bottom of the pot or basin where all of these stones are lodged. Here you can then apply more carefulness in separating the stones from the seeds.

It is more time saving than pouring your beans in a tray and then picking them one after another.

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