A married woman has cried out on social media as she shares how her newly wedded husband has been pushing her away when she wants to have co!tus with her.

The woman whose identity is withheld revealed that her husband told her not to be disturbing him with intercourse because he only married her out of family pressure.

Read  the narration below …

“Ladies, every “normal” man that is attracted to you should want to have sxx with you. They might not, but they should want to.

That been said, let me share this story for the benefit of ladies.
So this lady shared her experience with me sometime last year of a man she was “kinda married” to who came with the “no sxx vibe”.

Let me call her Joy and call the man she “kinda married” Femi in this thread.
First, Joy had a boyfriend but a friend of hers introduced Joy to her relation (femi) that he wants to marry and settle down, so Joy started seeing femi behind her boyfriend.

Femi appeared to be a nice guy. The whole thing was centered on married.
Femi also said he doesn’t want to touch her until after marriage because after all that’s the right thing to do as christians.

They started preparing for marriage. Few weeks to going to pay her dowry Joy told her existing boyfriend she’s getting married.
Broke his heart and went on with marrying femi.

Before and during when they travelled for the marriage, they slept together but femi never touches her. Even kissing her or any form of romance was a struggle even when she was horny and wanted sxx.
She decided to stick to his plan because he always gave christian vibes whenever sxx and romance was mentioned.

Finally, after they were done with the traditionals, she moved in with Femi as they were planning the “white wedding”.
Femi still didn’t touch her.

She was like “We are married already, why can’t you touch me? Am I smelling?”.

This was where quarrels started. She felt femi didn’t like her. She knew something was wrong.

She start observing the kind of guys femi roll with and their behavior.
She confronted him more intensely. At the heat of one quarrel femi said something like; “Please don’t disturb me. Do you think I really married you because I wanted to marry. If not for my family that won’t allow me be and have my peace, you won’t be here disturbing me”.
Apparently, Femi’s family pressured him and even arranged Joy for him because he was overdue to settle down but didn’t show interest.

Joy also discovered he was queer and obviously don’t want to have sxx with her or even make out

He just wanted to get married to avoid suspicion
They broke up and didn’t go ahead with the marriage.

This was over 5years ago and femi still not married.

Joy is still not married too. She tried to get back to her ex boyfriend and he declined.
Not having premarital sxx is a good thing but sometimes some people hide their sxx life and preference in it.

A man can only decide to do “no sxx before marriage” probably because his strongly rooted in his religious standards. Maybe he’s a pastor or something like that.
But aside this, there is likely something wrong somewhere. He may be queer or have sxxual complications. I said MAY oh!!!

This may be similar for women. I can only say this with certainty for men but I know same applies. Some people are not enjoying their marriages due to this.
I’ve heard queer ladies pull up same no sxx vibe on men while they knack their women. Even after marriage they don’t really have sxx with their husbands except they want to get pregnant. Same for queer men.”