Young man narrates how six police officers allegedly assaulted him because he drives Lexus


A young Nigerian man has raised an alarm over his brutal assault and harassment by police officers who identified themselves as Interpol.

According to him, a vehicle bashed his car – a Lexus, and just as he came down to inspect the damage, about 6 officers came out from the car that bashed him and accosted him.

He said they confiscated his phone and threatened to hand him to EFCC, but when he insisted on being taken to the anti-graft agency they slapped him, tore his clothes and forced him into their vehicle.

On their way to the office, the young man said they then decided to extort him, but he refused to give them any money and stood his ground.

They eventually took him to an isolated spot and dropped him off.

The man with Twitter handle @southpaw_king01 shared photos of his badly torn clothes and cried out for help.

man police

He wrote; ”I was brutally harrased by police officers who claimed to be interpol on my way to Lagos from Ibadan.. I came down from my car when I noticed a strange car bashed me and they( 6 in total) came with guns and without much talks they said they will take me to Lokoja @SavvyRinu

I told them I won’t follow them until I contact someone first but they took my phones and said they will take me to @officialEFCC and I told them I will prefer that cos I was arrested and cleared to be clean by Efcc in May but they changed mind and forced me to enter their car That’s how one just came and rushed me with intensive slaps and upper cut and tore my shirt as I was struggling not to enter their van…

man police

Omoo one kind mad slap hit me like this ehnn my brain just blanked and entered with tears in my eyes..I guess they later knew I was clean cos On our way to Efcc they just calmed down and asked me to do them normal and I blatantly denied giving them anything and they drove me to one bush in Ogere where they decided to let me go.. The same officers that are meant to protect us are the ones harrasing us.. I’m in pains

The most painful part was that people watched as I was being beaten on the road without doing anything.. Handcuffed like a criminal just cos I drive a Lexus.. This country saddens me daily”


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