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“I Don’t Remember The Last Time I Had S3.x, I’m A Very Spiritual Person

Female dancehall musician, AK Songstress has opened up on her sex life, claims she cannot recall the last time she had sexual intercourse because she happens to be a very spiritual person.

Speaking in an interview on Hitz FM with KMJ on the Daybreak Hitz, AK Songstress revealed that her spirituality includes fasting, praying, and abstaining from all sexual activities because she doesn’t want to offend God and cause harm to herself.

According to the “Jonathan” crooner, she has been a spiritual person since her school days where sometimes some of her colleagues come to her for prayers. She also claims to sight revelations and also predicts the future.

AK Songstress stated that abstaining from sex makes one pure and also improves spirituality. She said that the fact that they are entertainers and their kind of entertainment is being dubbed as worldly, their lives should reflect differently.

She said that having multiple sexual partners only makes one very weak in the spirit, thus she will advise all her colleagues to be mindful of their lifestyles.

Watch the video below:


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