6 foods HIV/AIDS patients should consume regularly.

Presently, many individuals are being examine for HIV/AIDS and patients with this sickness frequently need to watch what they eat which can either help to build up their body or deteriorate it. A decent of improving their health and wellbeing is to consume the proper food recommended for patients suffering from HIV/AIDS. This food varieties would assist in fortifying the resistant framework. Some of the food to be consumed by HIV positive patients are;

1.cooked egg: cooked or boiled eggs are good and are recommended to be consumed regularly by HIV/AIDS patients because it contain sufficient protein supplements just as dietary fibers which builds the body immunity and assist with boosting the invulnerable framework.


2.Beans: beans is another protein-rich food that HIV/AIDS patients needs to devour consistently. There are various sort of beans like white beans,navel beans,soyabeans, soybeans and lot more. They enhance growth and maintenance and also causes biochemical reactions that strengthen immune system.


3.Fish:fishes are an extraordinary wellspring of omega-3 unsaturated fats,a vital supplement that is beneficial to the health and helps rebuild worn out cells and tissue of HIV/AIDS patients.some fishes that are beneficial to HIV patients are salmon,sardine and other greasy fish.


4.organic products: Natural product are certainly one of the most incredible nourishment necessary for consumption.organic product like fruits such as watermelon,oranges,banana,apple pawpaw etc. are mostly recommended to be consumed by HIV/AIDS.


5.vegetables: vegetable is one of the best food in the world.they are loaded with every supplement needed in the human body.specialist have recommended that vegetables should be consumed in larger amount by growing children,aged people and people suffering from HIV/AIDS.



6.chicken: chicken is a very tasty food that should be added to every meal.it contain enough solid fat and supplement that assist in reinforcement of the body.chicken high level of protein that helps to fix harmed cells. This is the reason they should be devoured by HIV/AIDS patients to work back their harmed cells and tissues.

Note:This food sources cannot cure the sickness but can make the patient healthy and strong.

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