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I Am Delighted Your Coconut Heads Didn’t Let Me Choose Sides – Anita Okoye Celebrates Rudeboy And Peter Okoye

Anita Okoye, wife of Rudeboy has celebrated the birthday of her husband and his twin brother Peter Okoye as well as celebrate their reunion saying she’s glad their coconut head didn’t let her choose sides.

Rudeboy and her brother Peter Okoye after fighting each other for years have finally reunited and it’s the best birthday gift ever as it fell on their birthday and their wife Anita Okoye has celebrated them calling them coconut head.

According to Anita Okoye posted a photo of the two brothers saying they are one and not two wishing them a happy birthday saying it’s the best birthday gift that they both could ever receive thanking them for letting her have such a great relationship with them independent of their rift.

Anita Okoye then added that she’s delighted she didn’t let their coconut head let her choose sides when they were fighting each other telling us that the lesson in all this is for us not to ever get ourselves involved in a tiff that doesn’t concern us and not letting social media and opinion of those who don’t know the matter define you.

Anita Okoye’s last statement shows that she had nothing to do with the riff of the two brother as it was speculated on social media and she never allowed herself to be defined by what others said and went ahead to have a relationship with the two brothers separately.

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