The Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi, has intimated that it is quite a profitable venture to invest in the search for knowledge.

According to the king, some people feel he employs juju to remember dates and events precisely but that is not the case.

Alaafin spoke in Ibadan on Sunday while addressing students of the Lead City University during the 14th convocation.

Oba Adeyemi claimed that he did not rely on any supernatural abilities to have a sharp memory, but that he was able to remember dates as a result of his significant investment in improving his intellectual faculties.

He advised Nigerians to focus in human capacity development, claiming that he did it on purpose because he wanted to be a great public speaker due to his position.

According to the monarch, he served as the Chancellor of Sokoto State University, presently known as Usman Dan Fodio University , for 12 years.

Alaafin said, “When I was in Usman Dan Fodio University, I single-handedly, as Chancellor, sponsored 200 indigent students to study courses of their choice.

“If you empty your pocket and out it on your head, that is a good investment. Anywhere I speak in the world, remembering dates, times and events, people thought I was using kube. Do you know what is called kube? People though i was using juju because my brain is sharp.

“But it’s because I want to be a master in public speaking. Whatever you want in life and you put your mind there and ask God to do it for you, He will do it for you.”