Man in shock as lady shows up to their first date with a gun for ”protection”

A man has shared a first date experience that left him stunned given the way the lady he asked out showed up for their date.

According to the man known as @PrayforJack, he spotted a gun in her purse at the restaurant they visited and she explained that it was because he’s a stranger so it’s for protection.

He revealed that the incident happened in 2000, and it was while she was was trying to get her ID card to gain entrance into the venue that she brought out a gun much to his surprise.

Jack wrote; ”I went on a first date with a girl I met online (back when that wasn’t a thing). We were at BBQ’s and orders drinks.

They asked for ID, and while going through her purse, she pulled a gun out her bag. She said she brought it because, and I quote “I don’t know you nigga”

She was from Brooklyn, if that means anything to y’all. This was the middle of 2000’s. People were weirdos online then. Not saying they aren’t now. But yeah”

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