A video is currently making rounds on social media that captures the final funeral rite of a Ghanaian lady believed to be a Ga who allegedly had ten children with ten different men.

In some communities, it is totally normal for a man to have kids with different women as many times as he wants to but the same cannot be said about the opposite sex. In our normal Ghanaian society, people always presume that women who have multiple sex partners are promiscuous.

Well, for this lady, it was reported by Gabby Otchere Darko through a tweet that the lady had ten children with ten different men. While paying their last respect to the dead, the family decided to bury her in a dick-shaped casket.

From the video, the family was informing the public that the dead was fond of having multiple sex partners, thus the need to bury her in a casket shaped of her favorite activity.

Watch the video below: