5 Harmful Foods People Eat Every Day That Are Damaging Their Health

Some foods are healthy and highly nutritious while, other foods are, considered to be, unhealthy and people are advised to avoid them or, eat them in moderate quantities.


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Foods are prepared using food ingredients sadly, some of these ingredients are considered to be toxic to the health. The bottom line being that, some of the foods people eat everyday are toxic and can cause harm to the body.

Eating toxic food regularly is like, feeding your body with poison which can result in serious health problems and even death.


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Here Are Five Toxic Foods We Eat Every Day That Are Gradually Poisoning Our Body

1. Refined Seed And Vegetable Oils: many depend on seed oils like, soya beans oil and vegetable oil because they are believed to be healthier. While this may be true, it does not change the fact that, in other to extract the oil in them, they have to be refined. Seed oil and vegetable oil contains properties that can cause, cancer.

The cancer causing aldehydes in these oils are more potent if they are used for deep frying. So, if you cannot afford olive oil or, coconut oil, then try as much as possible not to use seed and vegetable oil for deep frying.


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2. Nutmeg: nutmeg is a very popular natural occuring spice that is mainly used in cooking dishes like, jollof rice and baking. Nutmeg add a unique flavouring to foods and pastries. However, beneath it’s beautiful flavour and health benefits lies it’s toxicity.

Nutmeg contains an oil called, myristicin which can cause dizziness, confusion, tiredness, sleepiness at best and hallucination and seizures at worst when added in large quantities.


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3. Butter And Margarine: butter and margarine are some of the most consumed trans fat that exists today. Butter and margarine are solidified by pumping hydrogen into unsaturated oils. Many people eat cakes and other pastries most of which are made with margarine.

Also, many people use butter to eat bread. Trans fats like butter and margarine are toxic because, they cause Inflammation which can cause certain health issues. They also affect the heart negatively.


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4. Star Fruit: many people in Nigeria refer to this fruit as, star apple. Studies have shown that, star fruit contains certain toxins that harms the kidney. The toxins in star fruit can overwhelme the kidney which makes it a bad fruit for people with kidney disease.

The kidney of people with kidney problems cannot function properly and when it is unable to filter out the toxins in star fruit it can lead to seizure, confusion and even death.


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5. Added Sugars: added sugar have no nutrients and are just empty calories which means that, consuming excess sugar is like consuming poison. Sugar contains high fructose levels which can cause health complications like; cancer, fatty liver, diabetes and obesity.

Sugar also contains properties that is believed to be addictive which may be why, some people cannot do without taking soft drink daily. Avoid adding sugar to your tea, reduce your intake of junks and processed drinks.

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