Television personality, Mona Gucci has been called out and humiliated on social media by a blogger over claims of allegedly dating some Nollywood stars.

Barely 48 hours ago, a blogger, identified as @Mari Gyata exposed Mona Gucci for forcing herself on a young man as she wanted to date him but the man does not like her.

Apparently, after Mari Gyata made this revelation open to the public, Mona Gucci created another IG account, hid her identity, and threatened to arrest her for spreading lies about her.

According to Mari Gyata, Mona Gucci has been bragging that she dated actors. Desmond Elliot and Ramsey Nouah but they were all lies and

She wrote;

“masere saaa. Odwan m3333. You created an account just to send me message. I’m sure you noticed I blocked you so you decided to come this way. How desperate can one be to create her own fan page and run it.
Who is Ajeley again 🤷🏾‍♀️ she sells indomie so what ? That’s legit business afterall she isn’t doing kalabuley and claiming to have dated Desmond Elliot and Ramsy Noah.
Upon all your kalabuley have we called police on you? Lawyer my foot 🦶 where is your evidence that she is the one feeding me info about you?
A self acclaimed lawyer who can’t even mention the school she attended ofui. Don’t bring yourself kraa. As matured as you are you still want to claim youngy. You should be singing lullaby for your grandchildren not chase them rather”.