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‘Dog Na Your Mate’ – Reactions As Wild Dogs Prevent Ghanaian Police Officer From Entering A Nigerian’s House To Allegedly Make An Arrest

Funny reactions have trailed a viral video showing the moment a Ghanaian police officer was denied access into a house to probably effect an arrest by an animal.

The police officer who was on duty as he was in uniform was determined to arrest some Nigerians or a Nigerian and because the person did not want to come out of his house to meet the Police officer, the Police officer opted to rather go to him even if it means endangering his life.

He climbed the wall close to the gate in a bid to jump the wall but he could not as wild dogs were barking at him warning him to keep off.

He eventually had to return because the dogs were not giving up on defending their owner in the house and if he had been ‘stupid’ and jumped in, then bingo, lunch is served for the dogs.

A lot of people have made funny comments after watching the video and they allude that dogs are not co-equals to the police. Slide to watch the video below;

See some reactions below;

@nehiturna wrote; “Nigerian leaders naim make oda smaller countries and the world at large dey see us finish and disrespect the fact you are a Nigerian 🤦🏻🙄😔”

@sireltee wrote; “The police should jump inside. The dog won’t bite him. He should say Romeo, Romeo, good dog.”

@ellabeauty wrote; “What do you expect when they keep seeing the way efcc harass their citizens without search warrant?we laugh and move on,smiling and suffer”

@ocube wrote; “But what are they after ? The whole of Nigeria institutions are making every small yansh country to disrespect us”

@strawberrycupcakes wrote; “Omo na to buy lions nd dogs to Dey eat all this police officers and DSS AND EFCC ppl”

@cheemoh wrote “Even Ghana Police? 😂 Is that how to enter someone’s house? From the fence😂😂😂”


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