Groom cries as his parents escort him to join his wife on their matrimonial bed (Video)

A groom has reacted in an emotional manner while tying the knot to his heartthrob in a beautiful ceremony attended by family.

In a short video which was posted online, the groom was also joined by his in-laws who came with smartphones in numbers to capture the occasion.

In what appears to be a Muslim union, the groom first offered a handshake to the bride who was already dressed and seated on the bed.

He sat somewhat unsettled beside the unperturbed lady while an Imam read the rites.

The broke down in tears and left many feeling compassionate for him as it was thought that he was happy to be marrying his wife.

Watch video HERE

@humbetee said: “Lol why do I find it so funny , what exactly is he crying for.”

@timcee_o commented: Hahahahhaha make dem kuku teach him what He needed to do na.

@arkhindele opined: werey Dobo naa which one be hand shake nowshey nah business meeting.

@innenane remarked: The Groom is obviously new to this bedroom matters and very shy… but the bride shine eye wella.

@freedah_accessories stated: “Why he dey cry.Ase nigga.”


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