Ifu Ennada with this post has made it known that she’s single and ready to mingle because she said she needs help and they only help is for her to find a boyfriend who will keep her company or anyone ready to do that.

According to Ifu Ennada, she has lived alone for almost 4yrs and sometimes she remembers how lonely it gets to be alone and she’s out there talking to her microwave and cutlery calling her them her love and baby and that alone shows she really needs help.

Some ladies usually argue that they don’t need a man in their live provided they are successful and have whatever they want but this post of Ifu Ennada makes us understand that one can’t live alone forever and now she’s crying out for help.

Somebody’s son out there who is interested in making Ifu Ennada his partner should just link up with her since she herself has madenit clear that she needs help or maybe it might be something else she wants.

Screenshot below;