A 28-year-old woman identified as Diarra Akua Eunice Brown has reportedly met her untimely death following a failed body enhancement surgery.

According to reports, the woman from Wolverhampton traveled to Istanbul to get extra fat from her hips removed at an unknown clinic in Istanbul’s Bahcelievler neighborhood.

The liposuction was successful and she was discharged from the clinic. A few days later, she suddenly fell sick and lost her precious life within a few hours.

The plastic surgeon, who has only been identified as S.G.B, was changing the dressing when the patient’s condition quickly deteriorated before dying later that day, according to news site Sabah.

Following the incident, a police inquiry was begun, and the doctor was brought into custody. The surgeon said the British woman fell ill suddenly and has no idea what caused her death.

The city’s Forensic Medicine Institute conducted a post-mortem, but the results have not yet been made public. Meanwhile, the deceased’s body has been transported back to the UK for burial.

In other news, Ghanaian rapper, Denning Agbeviadey, well known as Ayigbe Edem has revealed that music has proven to be more relevant than any political organization in African and has been able to unite people from different backgrounds across the continent.

Music, as a universal language, links people from all walks of life and can provide solace in times of need and grief.

Musicians like Edem perceive music’s immense potential not only as a personal spiritual experience but also as a force for change, serving as a voice for social advocacy and/or fostering cross-cultural understanding.