Following the ban on endorsement and sponsorship deals for Betting and Alcoholic companies by celebrities, many celebs have lashed out at the government for the discrimination.

According to Wendy, musicians have lost a lot of revenue since the band was enforced by the government therefore, she would advise herself and vote for the party that promises to lift the ban come 2024.

Her tweet read: Musicians are not supposed to be poor But in this country if God does not step in you’ll die poor Now we can’t even get Alcohol and Betting companies to sponsor our shows 2024 my vote will be for any party that will lift that Ban!

See reactions from fans.

@citizenyao: No party will lift the ban. You are just in for your selfish interest without considering the effect on the masses. I like you but this is a no no for me. Do a quick research of the Adonko show in Kumasi and read about the mess that occurred which led to banning celebs.

@Megatron3oo: Wats d selfishness in here ?? Dey are doing there job , so as a parent work on ur kids n tell dem wats good for them n not put ur responsibility on these celebrities !!! Minster of infrastructure Flexed bicepsCrownFlag of GhanaFlag of RwandaFlag of Peru

@IbraZoko: She making them popular doesn’t mean go purchase. After all music made Patapaa popular buh VGMA hasn’t recognise him Sneezing faceSIR KNIGHT JERRIEL

@patriot_gh: Why do u need alcohol and betting companies to sponsor you. Can’t you get fanmilk gh, kalypo or onga to sponsor. Don’t be lazy,think outside the box.

@Ebson_18: “musicians are not supposed to be poor” lmao who is supposed to be poor? Madam you can venture into other businesses if you think music isn’t helping you. Even Jay Z doesn’t do only music.

PS: Do good music and it will sell for you