This video of Rudeboy’s daughter Nadia not recognizing her father while watching a Psquare music video is just funny to watch as she wasn’t able to spot the difference between her father and his brother back then.

Rudeboy back then didn’t have his locks long as it is today and that might probably confused his daughter Nadia who was asking why his hair was long in the music video she was watching.

The fact that Nadia couldn’t recognize Rudeboy and even her own mother Anita Okoye makes the whole video funny as her mother had to tell her the difference between her uncle Peter and father in the video.

This shows that the two brothers were somehow looking alike back then that Rudeboy’s daughter Nadia wasn’t able to recognize them and we hope to reminisce on the love they had back then and come together as siblings once again.

The video is an old video but you can tell Nadia loved it while watching it based on how she was shouting when she saw the two of them and we wish to see that love between the brothers again to bring smiles on the faces of their kids and the whole world once again.

Video below;