Don Jazzy And D’banj React To Post That Insinuates Don Jazzy Didn’t Help D’banj With His Musical Career

Mavin record boss Don Jazzy and his friend D’banj have reacted to an opinion post that suggests Don Jazzy didn’t help D’banj with his musical career because of some choices he made.

The post was shared on the InstaStory of D’banj and it talks about how Don Jazzy’s choice to be content with whatever he had at that moment wasn’t of any good help to D’banj who was ready to take on the future but need Don Jazzy to go with him.

The post is shared on the InstaStory of D’banj suggests that he’s pissed with what went on and is indirectly shading Don Jazzy but he has reacted to that saying he wasn’t the one that made the post and that he’s not pissed or angry with anyone.

Don Jazzy on the other hand made a video to clear the air that his friend D’banj isn’t the one who made such a post and they have no bad feelings towards each other which means everything is okay between them.

According to Don Jazzy, the post was made by an over serious fan who wrote that opinion and D’banj isn’t the one who wrote that but why did he share it on his InstaStory to insinuate that he’s in support of whatever the over-serious fan wrote.

video below;

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