Davido’s baby mama Sophia Momodu speaking on parenting disclosed why she doesn’t let her daughter Imade show off after she disclosed how she refused to let her wear her Rolex watch to school.

Davido is known to be a father who gets his kids whatever they want provided he can afford it and he got Imade a Rolex watch which is quite expensive that she could show off with at school but Sophia Momodu revealed that never happens under her watch.

According to her, the only time she ever let Imade show off is academically and maybe work stuff but anything outside that is a big no for her and she’s so glad that she’s getting it and if she doesn’t understand completely, she’ll continue teaching her why.

Sophia Momodu also stated that she has made Imade understand that her friends can talk about the designer diamond stuff they’ve got on but not her as she’s not supposed to say a word and she is going to teach her continually why she’s not supposed to show off.

Adding that there was a time Imade wore her Rolex watch throughout the whole weekend hoping she wouldn’t notice so that she could take it to school and show it off to her friends but Sophia Momodu was just there to burst her when she asked her to take it off before going to school.

Some people might disagree with Sophia Momodu’s way of teaching Imade not to show off her things even though she has them and can get more but that is her way of making her daughter understand that showing off what you got isn’t right.

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