OAP Toolz has given a bit of savage advice to a fan who seeks her help with what to do with her cheating husband asking her to sleep with his friend based on his reply.

A follower of OAP Toolz telling her a secret she needs to get off her chest said she knows her husband is cheating but doesn’t know how to confront him to confirm her suspicions and the advice she gave shocked us all.

OAP Toolz replying to that asked the lady to gather the courage and confront her husband and ask him whether he is indeed cheating or not then maybe sleep with his friend based on how he answers the questions put to him.

Another also cried out to OAP Toolz that her husband left her for his mistress and that is really affecting her and her business and OAP Toolz’s reply is just what we never expected from her as she asked the lady to do something crazy.

According to her, she is supposed to be saying that the lady is a strong person for seeing her husband move in with his mistress and all that but she thinks otherwise asking the lady to burn the car of her husband as payback.

The advice of OAP Toolz is one we never expected from her and that raise issues of whether she will do exactly what she’s advicing these women to do to their husbands to her husband if she finds out he’s cheating or moves in with his mistress.

screenshot below;