2 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Eat Eba And Soup At Night And Foods You Can Eat Instead

A large number of people mostly in Africa have grown the habit of dedicating some foods to particular times of the day and occasions, which knowingly or unknowingly deprives them of making rightful choices or considering how beneficial or harmful such foods can be to the body at that time or condition of consumption.



Eba and soup are some of these foods which are very popular and most consumed here in Africa. Many have built the habit of eating this food as dinner subjecting themselves to having no other choice of food and knowing very little about how this food affects the body system at that time of consumption. This food that has been tagged by many as night food is not so advisable to be eaten at night as a result of how it reacts with the body system at night or before bedtime.

Here are 2 reasons why should not eat Eba and soup at night.

1) Fatigue:- Fatigue is a general state of feeling tired and lacking energy. It can be caused by eating Eba and soup at night as this food is very one and can make us tired when consumed. Fatigue is different from just feeling sleepy or drowsy but has to do with a serious lack of energy.

2) Obesity:- Eating Eba and soup at night which makes you feel very tired and fall asleep quickly, can make you gain excessive weight since the fatigue caused by this food makes you have little or no movement after eating, making your body system store up excess fats.

Many people are not happy with the fact that they always go through this for a wrong choice of dinner but are at the same time confused about what to eat at night and most times return to eating Eba and soup instead of stressing their brain. However, such people are lucky to go through this article as better alternatives to eat are mentioned below.

1) Fruits



2) Sweet Potatoes And Egg Sauce



3) Oatmeal



4) Rice And Vegetable Stew



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