It was alleged that Olayinka Solomon was one of MC Oluomo’s side chick before she got married and she introduced Maria to MC Oluomo for a one-night-stand with him but their amorous affair got Mariam pregnant for him.

In a recent post by Maria on her Instagram page, she accused Olayinka of sleeping with several men despite being married and berated her for calling her child fatherless when all her three children have different fathers.

A blogger who shared the rants on social media wrote;

Hello tueh tueh, this matter wey Dey ground so Na yam pepper scatter scatter oo😂😂 you know werin Yoruba people Dey call ija igboro 😂😂😂 Na him be this.

Baby Mama and Newly married actress f*ghts d*rty over Mc Oluomo prick, y’all remember that our last gist about them been good friends and both knocking Mc oluomo for money, As prick matter enter friendship scatter, Olayinka is now married but the fight no end for there because according to omo Vc, even one week after the marriage Yinka still go nack him sugar daddy, MC Oluomo, the Wx friends recently met at Kunle Afod party and nearly created a scene at the party because Yinka accused Omo Vc of dating Kunle Afod and Omo VC pikin no get papa, Na there the wahala start, This part wey them mention Kunle Afod so, that him wife, Desola go fit break Bottle ontop person head o, Desola fit d*e ontop the matter o, meanwhile this Omo Vc pikin Na Mc Oluomo replica. I come in peace, igi ewedu oni wo pawa o, swipe to read the lengthy rant on WhatsApp 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️

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