According to Etinosa Idemudia ,when there’s no regulations in a thing, abuse is imminent therefore she feels like just as other sectors have regulatory systems the entertainment sector should also be structured, organized, and then regulatered.

Etinosa Idemudia explained further that this is not a fight against the uneducated ones but rather is to help all of them if proper education and training of its present and intending practitioners about the nitty gritty of the profession will be of a huge help to all of them in that sector just as every other profession.

She then added that there’s so much mess in the industry and the charlatans give everyone a bad name and everybody can literally become an actress and there’s so much disrespect as well which is very bad as some of them work so hard than engineers though she means no offense to anyone.

Etinosa Idemudia then stated that the fact that they don’t wear shirt and tie don’t mean they are irresponsible and her industry could use a little packaging to make things be regulatered to bring sanity into the industry adding that she’s just thinking out loud and only wishing it came to pass.

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