Young wife celebrates as she and her husband move out of Parents’ home into new apartment

A Nigerian woman has taken to social media to celebrate a huge win which came in the form of a change in the living conditions of she and her husband.

The lady identified as Sarah d HairXecutive @bee_blessing3 on Twitter revealed that they recently moved out of their family home into a rented apartment in Lagos.

She urged Nigerians on social media to join them in celebrating their win.

Sarah wrote; ”Celebrate my big win for me Twitter Ng, I and hubby moved out of our family abode to our rented apartment. May this step we take, lift us to our desired life.

Wish us well”

”Pls if anyone has spare hotplate and blender biko dash me, our light here is stable. I’m in Lagos”

Many people congratulated them while some reached out to her and offered some essential household items for the apartment.

See her post:

@AlphaNovember83 wrote; let me bless your kitchen with some nice dinner wares . How can I get some sets of kitchen plates to you? Dm me address I am in Ibadan. For waybilling.

@manpelz; Congratulations Party popper !! It’s not easy, I hope to post something like this very soon too

@SweetHard_Knock;cCongratulations.. You’ll never have a cause to regret the move but a cause to rejoice and celebrate more..

@butterscoop__; Getting an apartment is such a huge win especially now that everything is upside down…congratulations, bigger and better things ahead IJN.

Zhuurg; ONLY few people can relate to growth, especially when you look at where you are coming from.

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