You could recall that Mercy Johnson stormed the school of her daughter, Purity after she was said to have been beaten by a teacher who hated the actress.

The school management revealed that they would prove the matter after it erupted a whole lot of controversy on social media.

In a new twist to the saga, Mercy Johnson has been able to reach an understanding with the Chrisland management and advisory board members at its Victoria Garden City branch.

Mercy Johnson issued a statement on Saturday about the whole brouhaha as she intimated that they had reached a meaningful positive resolution.

The statement reads: “Purity had an encounter with a Teacher whose seemingly inflexible approach got her off-balance,”

“We have been able to have a deep, frank conversation with the Chrisland authorities and we have come to a meaningful positive resolution. It is our choice to move forward together as crucial partners.

“We are pleased with their efforts towards ensuring all pupils get an all-round balanced and qualitative learning.

“Chrisland has assured us of their commitment to the bigger picture, which is firmly centered upon being responsive to the fragile emotions of children as well as the valid concerns of parents.”