Well-known veteran actress Patience Ozokwo has revealed that some anonymous persons are using her name and images to create fake accounts to defraud people.

The actress took to her Instagram page and disclosed how she has to deal with business clients who have been duped by these anonymous persons who attack her wrongly.

According to the veteran actress some group of French attacked her recently alleging that she collected a huge deposit from them; a business she does not know about. Registering her discomfort, she wrote

“Why do people always try to discredit genuine businesses by creating fake accounts and duping people with their hard-earned money? I cannot count how many messages I have received about giveaways I’m doing on Facebook or other social media platforms.

A while ago I was vehemently attacked by a group in France who swore I signed a contract and took a huge deposit to do business with them – it certainly wasn’t me.

To be honest it is quite disheartening.

Any brand I support is genuine 💯
If they stop being genuine, I leave sharp. My apologies to all those who have been duped in my name. I have tried to close so many fake accounts – still trying. Please note that anything that sounds too good to be true is probably not true. Investigate before you invest. Check for real accounts and contacts.

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Thank you #MamaGLovers❤❤