The dispatch rider whose identity was not revealed at the time of filing this report was tempted by the same lady he was delivering a service for as the lady tried to seduce him to sleep with him whilst he was on duty.

A video posted on Twitter showed the dispatch ride knocking on the door of the lady whose face was not revealed in the video. The lady ordered him to enter the room but upon seeing the client’s nak3dness, he quickly snapped back and shut the door in fear.

The lady had apparently removed her dress and opened her legs while lying on her bed and filming the session with him.

The man who eventually entered the room after a persistent command by the lady was hesitant in doing what the lady asked him as she could be seen using her feet to rub the lower area of his waist.

He begged her to stop it because it would bring trouble to him but the lady urged him to calm down as whatever that is going to transpire between them will not be seen and heard by anyone. However, although the man got powerless in resisting the advances of the lady, we don’t know how their encounter ended.

Watch the video below;