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She Can’t Be Dead – Bobrisky Reacts To The Death Rumors Of His Former P. A Oye Kyme

A friend of Oye Kyme early today made some posts that insinuated that she is dead a few days after she cried out on contracting covid-19 praying she never dies and later came to deny claims of pronouncing her friend dead.

Bobrisky a few minutes ago posted a photo of Oye Kyme wishing her a speedy recovery and some netizens who saw the news about her death asked how could someone who is already dead be wished speedy recovery and Bobrisky‘s reply just touches the heart.

Bobrisky in his reply showed that he doesn’t wish Oye Kyme any harm despite the allegations she made against him and the dragging online saying she can’t be dead as she’s only sick and that is why he wished her speedy recovery.

It seems Bobrisky reached out to his former P. A Oye Kyme after seeing the death rumors online and has confirmed that she’s not dead with his response to a curious fan who was wondering how can a dead person be wished a speedy recovery.

This is a good sign from Bobrisky as it shows he’s beginning to let go of things in the past and doesn’t wish ill on anyone just because they have issues and we hope it’s that with all the people who have stepped on his toes.

screenshot below;

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