Man in pain as yahoo boy snatches his girlfriend with Dubai trip, iPhone 12 Pro

A man has been left heartbroken after his girlfriend left him for an alleged internet fraudster commonly known as yahoo boy.

His friend shared the story on micro-blogging platform, Twitter as he revealed that the yahoo boy snatched the girl with an iPhone 12 Pro and sponsored her trip to Dubai.

The tweep with username @_DeejustDee said that when he heard what happened, he laughed over it. He added that being in relationships these days is a mess as loyalty is no longer seen as a virtue.

She wrote; ”So a rich yahoo boy took my guy’s babe, I laughed a bit sha, he bought her iPhone 12 Pro and flew her to Dubai. Omo!!! Dating is a mess, loyalty is trash too and I’m down for you is rare”

View his post:

See how some netizens reacted below..

@yung_cpa; Nothing like TRUE LOVE in romance though. A concept designed to keep cajoling men into a life of provisioning for women.

Watch how women all over the world are revealing their true nature since they started earning & providing their own security. There’s always an explanation.

@Tunnyvibes; Like the saying goes … “Everyone has a price” as long as you can activate their release clause .. no one is entirely loyal.

@hersern_; Lol the one wey collect my gf, open a spa and a salon for her, took her to dubai, bought car for her. My can cannot can

@miiimiii_e; The thing with you guys is you want flashy things, you can see a good girl and take that one for granted. But you see the one that would suck you dry and move onto the next… you’ll pick that one.

@alimaahh; What if the “yahoo boy” was actually treating her better? Gifts aside a woman always knows when they’re done with a relationship and can wait till someone who treats them better shows up then they’s not always about the money although it’s a bonus


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