2 Health Benefits Of Taking Hot Water On Empty Stomach

Some habits we perform daily can go a long way in giving our lives a shape. When a wrong habit, the shape could be undesirable but with a good one, a beautiful life. When you develop the habit of taking hot water on empty stomach as soon as you wake, the benefits shall be clear and you are going to love and appreciate the impacts.



Source: Femina.in

Some of these benefits include –

1. Promotes a young and glowing skin

Most times, the condition and appearance of our skin is a reflection of what the inside of our body really looks like. When the inside is full of toxins, the outside would reflect it and this is when you would see such a person’s skin full of wrinkles even at a relatively young age. Though seeing a young person’s skin full of wrinkles doesn’t necessarily signify accumulation of toxins but it is most times an evidence of stress and unhealthy way of life.

By regularly taking hot water first thing in the morning, it increases your body temperature helping it clear those toxins. This can be through sweat, intestines et cetera. A habit of taking hot water every morning can make your friends want to know who supplies your skincare products.

Eating healthy foods and taking enough rest can also help in bringing a glowing skin.

2. Helps digestion

Hot water helps hasten the movements of the digestive tracts. This helps aid the process of digestion. Conditions like bloating and acid reflux which can be caused as a result of indigestion can also be made to see a great relief with the impact of hot water.

Constipation can result from chronic dehydration which makes defecation difficult as the large bowels are stuffed with hard fecal matter. Consumption of hot water can also help bring defecation by softening the fecal matter as well as triggering bowel movements that would help evacuate the faeces from the body.


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