Man builds small mobile house for homeless woman who sleeps by the roadside

A homeless woman’s regular greeting to a stranger set in motion a chain of events that would see her have a place of abode. 60-year-old Smokie was built a beautiful tiny house that moves on wheels by a man she usually greets every morning.

Smokie had a place of abode before now in the US but lost it after the demise of her husband, forcing the friendly woman to take shelter by the roadside.

Despite her situation, the woman still showed a positive attitude to life and this was how she developed a relationship with her benefactor Elvis Summers.

Elvis Summers who is said to have a place he resides in Los Angeles disclosed that the woman usually greets him each morning he passes by.

As time went on, the two began having conversations regularly and Smokie would always request recyclables. It was at that point Elvis learnt that she was homeless and took it upon himself to gift her a house.

Elvis had no prior knowledge about tiny houses until he stumbled upon an article about them. He got the materials and set to work.

The kind man started and completed the tiny house within the period of 5 days.

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