I have no regrets relocating to Nigeria from Canada – Nollywood actress, Linda Osifo

Beautiful Nollywood actress, Linda Osifo has said that she has no regrets moving from Canada to Nigeria to pursue a career in entertainment.

The Edo-born screen diva stated this in a recent interview with The Will, adding that her expectations while coming to Nigeria wasn’t met, but she had to make a deliberate effort to stay regardless of the challenges.

Linda said; “I was at a very sensitive point in my life when I left Canada for Nigeria. It was that stage of becoming a young adult. I had to pursue life. No more living on mom and dad. It was a stage where you go into the world to find out who you truly are. I had just graduated from the university and I was 22 years-old.

I just had to choose when I got the opportunity to come to Lagos to host a show. I decided to take the opportunity and see what it brings. However, coming to Nigeria was not what I expected. I have no regrets. At the level that I am now, I do not use such words like regret. I have a better understanding of what motivates me and what inspires me to make certain decisions.

I relocated to Nigeria in 2013. I made my final decision to stay through thick and thin in 2015. That was when I got my first major television break on a series. When I got my first official break, I was seen as an actor, which was an amazing feat to me. That was when I thought that I had a reason to keep pressing and keep going.”


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