It was a surprise party and Salawa Abeni confessed that she was actually paid to perform at a friend’s party.

In an Instagram post, QSA as she is fondly called wrote:

“She was SURPRISED! QSA @ 60.
I dont even know where to start from….. YES I am speechless, surprised, still amazed but most importantly THANKFUL, GRATEFUL and HAPPY!! They all got me, you all got me. I’ll tell you the story behind this party…. I was called to come and perform at a very good friend’s birthday party. I was even paid for the event and GUESS WHAT? It was a surprise party for ME!! ORDINARY ME!! Mi o ni jo ara mi loju o! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 I am more than thankful to everyone.” (sic)

Also taking to Instagram, Salawa’s daughter, Okikiola revealed how she hatched out the five-month plan.

5 months of plotting and planning, stealing numbers off my mum’s phone all in the name of helping her update her phone….. the story is long but WE pulled it off. I got to celebrate my mother @ 60 in grand style. This is SURPRISE QSA @ 60 With the support of sooo many amazing people. My backbones, support systems, my sisters

Watch the video below;