Woman stuck with N1.3m bill after blind date refused to pay for 23 family members she brought along

A woman has been left with a hefty bill after she invited 23 members of her family to test the generosity of her date.

She was meeting with a man identified as Mr. Lui at a restaurant in eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang according to local paper Taizhou Evening News.

It was reported that the man’s mother set up the meeting after becoming concerned about her son’s poor dating life.

In a hope to impress his date, the 29-year-old man had agreed to pay for the meal, not realizing that her entire extended family would be joining them.

However, on seeing the number of people the woman brought, the man abandoned her with the hefty $3,100 (N1.3m) bill, refusing to pay for her family member’s meal.

The woman explained to local media that she had wanted to test her date’s generosity before committing to a relationship.

The woman’s story was shared on Weibo where it went viral and attracted over 260 million views, with a social media user saying; “Even an idiot would never bring 23 people to a date”

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