The advice was given by a social media user on the popular social media platform, Facebook who stated that most relationships are dying because ladies are always discussing them with their friends.

The post the social media wrote reads;

stop discussing your relationship with your friends, they’re killing it”

After making the post, a social media user took the chance to explain how he and his fiancee had to break up because of friends.

The reaction reads;

“True ,,, my woman listened to friends at work and left me,, they advised her to leave my place to stay with one of them since I might not marry her. And this is the lady I brought all the way from Kumasi to Accra and got her a job. She listened to them and now she’s stranded. The said lady she left my place to stay with had to vacate her room cos her boyfriend rented the place n her rent is due n she’s no more with the guy so can’t pay again. My girlfriend is using every channel to get back but it’s late for her tho I’m still single. She listened to friends n now look.”