Lady narrates how her two boyfriends dumped her and refused to accept her pregnancy after finding out she was cheating (Video)

A Ghanaian lady has revealed that she is currently at crossroads over how to handle her pregnancy status after her two boyfriends abandoned her.

According to her, the two boyfriends dumped her and refused taking responsibility for the child she’s carrying after they discovered she was cheating.

The lady identified as Vero Obaapa Zaina spoke in an interview with Ghanaian media personality Sammy Kay.

She admitted that she was unfaithful to her lovers and was seeing them together.

Unfortunately they both discovered and dumped her. Vero said the her mum developed mental illness when she heard about what transpired between her and two boyfriends.

Watch video below: [Note: You may need your VPN turned on to view Twitter video if you are resident in Nigeria]

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