Bobrisky weighing into the relationship saga online said it’s getting scarier each day to date people in Nigeria therefore, he would have turned into a dog and just be sleeping with any fine boy he meets if he was in the US or the UK.

According to him, he can’t date anyone that comes his way because he fears a lot of things as a celebrity and doesn’t want any blackmail, threat, or something that will get him dragged since he doesn’t want anyone to cast him.

Bobrisky then gave himself an alternative saying if he was in the US or the UK he would have turned into a dog and slept with any fine boy that approaches him because he’s also too loose when he sees fine boys.

Adding that he doesn’t care about the financial status of the guy provided he is fine he will do anything to take him to bed since he is rich. Bobrisky claiming he would turn into a dog simply means he will become promiscuous and be sleeping around anyhow.

Bobrisky made this post in his mind as a woman hence he as a woman will turn into a dog and sleep with every fine boy that crosses his path if he was in the UK or the US but we all know he’s still a man since his cassava is still intact.

screenshot below;