American professional boxing promoter and the former professional boxer has reportedly been sued for $400,000 for allegedly failing to pay his jewellery bill.

According to reports, a jewellery company called Eric & Co Trading Group has filed a lawsuit against the boxer Mayweather last week. The company is alleging that the retired boxer failed to return jewellery he obtained from the group whilst in Miami for his exhibition match against Logan Paul.

It has been reported that the payment for the items in possession of Mayweather is valued at $389,550 which includes several gold Cartier diamond bracelets, a $34,000 diamond necklace, $12,000 “iced out choker” and other items.

Mayweather was reportedly able to take the items without paying a deposit because of his relationship with the group. Eric & Co are also requesting Mayweather to pay their lawyer fees in the lawsuit.

Mayweather Promotions says that missed payment allows the promotional company to back out of the deal while simultaneously mandating that PAC pay the full $110 million.