Ibrahimovic Creates A New Record For The First Time In His Football Career After Today’s Game.

Arguably, one of the best players we have in football today is Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the exceptional AC Milan striker. As known, Ibrahimovic has played for lots of football clubs in his football career, and as such, he is currently playing for AC Milan.

Being one of the best-rated football players in the world today, Ibrahimovic has created lots of astounding records in football history, and he’s one of such players football fans call “beast” as far as the sport is concerned.

Despite all the records he has created in his football career, Ibrahimovic has just created a new record for the first time in his football career.

Today, AC Milan played against Bologna, and AC Milan won 4-2. During the game, Ibrahimovic scored for both teams, that is, he scored for his team, and the opposite team.



In football, it’s natural for a player to score for his opponent, and more often than not, such an incident is tagged as a mistake, and in football terms, it’s called an “own goal.” Since he started his football career, Ibrahimovic has never scored a single goal for the opposite team, that is, he has never scored his own goal before. However, for the first time in his football career, Ibrahimovic has now recorded his own goal to his records.


Before scoring for his team (AC Milan) at the 90th minute of the game before the end of the game, he firstly scored for the opposite team, Bologna, during the 49th minute of the game, which was the first goal that will be recorded for the club.

Although, AC Milan ended up winning the match, however, a new record has now been added to Ibrahimovic’s career record.



Hence, the 40-year-old player has played a total number of 957 games in his football career, and in all the games, he has scored 565 goals.



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