Nigerian Media Personality, Toke Makinwa has advised people to quit giving advice to their friends on social media.

In a series of tweets, Toke Makinwa indicated that she does not expect her friends to do opinion polls or conduct analysis if she is embroiled in a controversy.

She stated that friends openly broadcasting their ideas about her life is disgusting and that they should instead phone her. Toke also mentioned that this generation is enamored with social media and has lost any sense of boundaries.

If there’s ever a scandal out there about me and I consider you a friend, not an industry associate but a friend, you better not be holding public opinion polls or setting up analysis on the streets of social media. GTFOHWT

You have my number, use it as a friend. Stop offering advice to your so called friends on social media, you look like a Joke. We can disagree in private, heck beat ourselves up behind closed doors but not air your thought on my life with your coommunity. That’s fowl

This generation be so obsessed with the internet we don’t know boundaries anymore. If you are my friend, we win together, we suffer loss together, we in this together and that’s on periodttt


Toke Makinwa is only asking friends to show some level of maturity and true self by speaking directly to their friends who find themselves entangled in any kind of controversy than resorting to social media to make an analysis.