See the health benefits of alligator pepper mixed with bitter cola and bitter leaf

The study shows that Alligator pepper is an energizer and diuretic crushed seeds blended in with squashed bitter kola and water concentrate of bitter leaf all blended in with legitimate measure of water is utilized to treat diabetes. Entire organic product eaten alongside two moderatelysized ginger beri beri. One whole pepper added to three seeds of ready pawpaw, dried locus bean all ground to make soup is a solution for female fruitlessness (infertility).

Alligator pepper is additionally used to fix the following:


Acid reflux

Body hurt

Loose bowels


Jungle fever treatment

Weight reduction

Vitality supporter

Sperm supporter

Worm expellant

Mends Gonorrhea

Mends heaving

Mends baby blues dying

Against disease

Heals muscle torment

Lift resistant framework

Mends Flu or normal virus

Assists blood with streaming

Quieting aggravation

Expel hurtful microscopic organisms and permit supportive microbes to flourish.

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