Dating goes beyond bedroom pleasure and gifts and all the little things we do just to be on the good side of the other person and Serwaa Amihere has deemed it right to give us a piece of advice that shows dating is beyond what we do.

According to her tweet, we should stop dating people who are not interested in our personal development hence if you realize your partner is in no way interested in your personal development, you do the needful by ending the relationship before things get out of hand.

Some netizens agree with her but others took it so personal bringing her personal life and rumors heard about her asking whether she’s dating someone who is interested in her personal development.

What Serwaa Amihere wrote isn’t wrong in any way and though she might have copied it from somewhere, it’s a piece of very clever advice that anyone could give and we appreciate her for that even though some people don’t agree with her on this.

Screenshot below;