“They’re all fake” Prince Kpokpogri reacts to his arrest and the voicenote narrating sekz with Jane Mena


Joseph Egbri, aka Prince Kpokpogri, has said the video of him being arrested at the Hilton in Abuja for allegedly having a gun to Tonto Dikeh’s head is fake.


He claims he was never arrested and has been in his house.


But Tonto Dikeh responded via her account, saying he was lying and was just released today.


Also, he claimed that the voicenote where a voice sounding exactly like his talked about his sexual encounter with dancer Jane Mena is fake.


It was in the same way that he claimed the voicenote about him talking about Tonto that leaked isn’t his voice and it was doctored.


Watch him speak in the video below.


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