Actress Tonto Dikeh has just subtly shaded her former bestie Bobrisky calling him shim saying she is yet to find out whether he’s a man or a woman but then adding that she misses him.

Tonto Dikeh and Bobrisky were very good friends but turned out to be worse enemies out of the blue throwing shots at each other whenever they get the chance and a recent post of Tonto Dikeh indirectly shows she misses him.

Tonto Dikeh posted saying all this violence online with Prince Kpokpogri and Jane Mena makes her miss him asking where he is but then threw a stray bullet at him asking whether he’s a man or a woman.

Tonto Dikeh Is the perfect person to let us know whether her former bestie Bobrisky is a man or a woman as he has been claiming but ironically, she is also asking whether he is a man or woman for now.

Tonto Dikeh then ended her post with laughing emojis making fun of Bobrisky for not having gender as he claims to be a woman but when going to see his family, he dresses as a man.

Tonto Dikeh saying she misses shim because of the violence makes us understand that most of the people Bobrisky has fought online when he was with Tonto Dikeh were for her but because he’s the violence papa he takes it upon himself.

Screenshot below;