”You’re an embarrassment to Delta state” – Journalist, Progress Oberiko drags Kpokpogri for doing ”kiss and tell”

A Nigerian journalist, Progress Oberiko, has shared her thoughts on the messy social media drama involving Prince Kpokpogri, Tonto Dikeh and Jane Mena.

According to Progress, what Kpokpogri did by confessing to sleeping with Jane, is a shameful and disgraceful act.

Taking to her Facebook page, she wondered why the Instagram dancer was the only being mocked and trolled whereas whatever they did was a mutual act between both parties involved.

Progress, who also chided Tonto for wanting to release a tape of Jane and Kpokpogri, went further to call Kpokpogri an embarrassment to the entire Delta state.

In her words; ”I woke up to the fuss and buzz about this #Kpokpogari idiot and the women he claims to have indulged – Jamena and Tonto Dike.

I don’t know why he’s even receiving so much attention on the internet, but I’m not surprised, it is because he is MALE, and believes he can get away with shit!

It’s not enough for him to have dragged the first woman Tonto into the mud and leave her shattered, he’s now extending it to another woman – Jamena.

You threatened to release the first sex tape of a woman you had a thing with, and now you’re shaming another woman with the same strategy; Causing commotion in the lives, careers and families of these women, and being left to go scot free!

Gosh! I just want to add a D.O.G to your middle name! Cos that’s what you are! You’re such an abuser! Emotional abuser, the worst kind ever!

Can’t you see what cheap game your name is trending on? First, nobody knew you and the only thing that made you trend is sex blackmail! How cheap and disgusting!

And you #TontoDikeh, threatening to release your fellow women’s tape to prove nonsense. It’s a shame!

Kpogri, you had a sexual relationship with two women (not sure about the second just yet), what makes you think you have the right and audacity to come out in public and expose the tape of you and the women making love?

– Both of you made love,

– Both had fun,

– Were both naked,

– Did things to each other’s bodies,

– Participated in the act together – an act you both consented to.

Why is only one getting stoned for a “sin” committed by two?

Is it not because you think she’s a WOMAN an because society stigmatizes and shames women for their bodies (whether or not they willingly give their consent)?

How many women have come out to release tapes of their sex escapades!

This is exactly why victims of rape don’t come out to accuse their abusers. Because women know that they will still be blamed for their own rape! They will be asked stupid questions like:

“what was she doing outside at night”,

“why was she visiting a guy” or

“what did she not speak up immediately the rape happened”.

If I were these women and I truly engaged in this act, I’ll also come out to shout about how incompetent and how disgusting he was in bed!

But sadly, a woman will not be applauded the same way,because she is FEMALE!

Dear Kpokpogari, yes, I won’t spell your name correctly, cos you’ve lost the dignity of being identified with a name!

You’re such an embarrassment to the whole of Delta State, to your unborn female children, and to your entire generation!

Pray that your female children don’t end up with men like you, because I’m afraid, what goes around definitely comes around.

You’re a disgrace to the society! Because it is bosses like you that will demand sex from their female employees and threaten to release it if they ever say they can’t continue servicing you!

Dear Nigerians, is this the kind of man you’re applauding?

Oya go ahead and make a list of all the girls you’ve slept, including those from your Secondary school and University. Since you sabi keep tapes and releasing them is your hobby!

I just feel like hitting your waist with a heavy plank!

I enjoin you all to call out the despicable attitude of this Kpogri man, otherwise if we allow things slide we will be creating a precedence for men to come out and shame women for no fucking reason.

Self acclaimed “politician” why don’t you go blackmailing your fellow politicians? You can’t! You chose to blackmail women because na there your power reach.


I wish I could make a video and tell you how disgusting your attitude is. Yeye dey smell!

In your head you think you’re a player, nor worry you go soon jam! Èkpa òshàrè na!”

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